SinSearch for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Use SinSearch to find SIN near you with a single tap!

SinSearch uses GEOlocation (GPS) to pinpoint bars, clubs, strip joints, casinos, smoke shops, Motels, Taxis, liquor stores and many more Sins near your current location. Scroll through a list of results and tap to find locations organized by distance away from you. Address, phone number, map and directions are all provided within the app. Perfect for those of you looking for Sin in a new town or in your very own backyard! It will not only help you get into Sin but help you get out if you get in trouble with searches for lawyers, churches, hospitals and more!


  • Find the closest Adult Entertainment, Bail Bonds, Casinos, Strip Joints, Clubs, Discos and more!
  • Click the 'nearby' tab for a list and map of all Sin Near you!
  • Save categories into your favorites for quick access.
  • Call locations, get directions, and send Sin Location info through email or Facebook.
  • Manually input a zip code instead of using your current location.
  • If you want to repent or get out of trouble, we added searches for Churches, DUI Attorney, Divorce Attorney, and many more.
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Find Trouble or Save Yourself From It

Send us feedback using the app and we can add more of your suggestions with the next build!

Note: Using an iPod Touch will result in a less accurate location than GPS, as geographical location is determined by triangulation in WiFi.